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Journey called sabbatical

As I stand at the gateway to this journey called sabbatical I’m feeling the range of emotions from excitement and hope to guilt and sadness. Though I’m more ready in my soul than ever before to soak in the presence of God and dream about the future at Grace Point, it is difficult to go away from my community and especially my family. Then of course I fret the thoughts of “it must be nice” from those who are less understanding about the need and benefits to us all.

During my last sabbatical God birthed the dream of what we now call the West campus and I can only imagine what God-sized vision He imparts for our amazing community. I’m also super stoked about our team and those that God is bringing to share in this vision. Admittedly, I’m hoping this time will equip me to come back a better leader and more energized for my team so I can be a blessing to them.

I have about 50 books that I’ll be diving into and a bike ride or two envisioned in order to clear the mind, but mostly I hope to do what the apostles did and devote myself to prayer and the ministry of the Word in His presence.

I do get a little sad when I’m away from my family and team and when solitude creates ambivalence as to whether to reach out and engage or leave alone. The balance that is hard to find is between interruption and isolation. This time I’m more prepared in my heart to be content on either end and yet do pray for balance.

The soul-work God has been doing in me already has me expectant of greater strides in Christ-likeness and surrender. I’m at peace, and I’m ready for what the Lord has in store. I do covet your prayers for my wife and children on the weeks I’m away, as well as our team as they lead. I also trust you’ll pray for me and for God’s intimate presence. My hope is when we look back upon this time we see how God has used the biblical rhythm He created to bless our church.

Pastor Jeff