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Do You Know Your Purpose?

Every leader or leadership situation has one thing in common. That is purpose. Where leadership is expressed there is purpose in mind.

Do you know your purpose? Could you articulate your purpose statement?

“Alfred Nobel dropped the newspaper and put his head in his hands. Nobel was a Swedish chemist who made his fortune inventing and producing dynamite.  It was 1888 and his brother Ludvig had died in France.

But now Alfred’s grief was compounded by dismay.  He’d just read an obituary in a French newspaper—not his brother’s obituary, but his!  An editor has confused these brothers.  The headline read, “The Merchant of Death is Dead.”  Alfred    Nobel’s obituary described a man who had gotten rich by helping people kill one another.

Shaken by this appraisal of his life, Nobel resolved to use his wealth to change his legacy.  When he died eight years later, he left more than $9 million to fund awards for people whose work benefited humanity.  The awards became known as the  Nobel Prize.

Alfred Nobel had a rare opportunity—to look at the assessment of his life at its end and still have the chance to change it.” (Alcorn, The Treasure Principle)


Great leaders are purpose oriented.  In order to lead others well you must have a clear personal purpose.  In order to develop your personal purpose statement, it is best to begin with the destination in mind.  What that means is that you picture who you want to be at the end of your life by writing down what you want to have accomplished or would like to be said of you.  One way in which to get at this is to write your obituary as you would like for it to be read.

Take time this week and write your obituary. Are you on track to fulfill it? Is your current trajectory leading to your desired destination?

Next week, I’ll share my obituary and begin to show how having the destination can help clarify the purpose of today.

2 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Purpose?”

  1. Pastor Jeff i cant thank you enough for allowing me to take part in this leadership class. To have the tools placed in my hands is truly a blessing granted. I’m at a turning point in my life. Closing down my restaurant and pursing ministry full time; i did not see that coming. Strangely enough it feels right.

    1. Bernard – Thank you for sharing about your journey. I’m always excited to see how the tools of Leadership Forum can and will grow leaders! I will be praying for you as listen to the call of ministry on your life. I look forward to seeing how God shapes you for His glory.

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