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The Leadership Compass – The Cost

The third part of your Leadership Compass is the Cost.  This includes Home, Achilles’ Heel and Pace.

Avoidance is like relational credit card abuse, just compounding the expense for a future due date.  Time is the currency of values, what’s your ledger reveal?


A leader’s home is sacred.  You will be diminished in your capacity to lead others if you are not effectively leading at home.  There is a cost to your home in being a leader, but there is great cost to your leadership in general if you are not leading first and foremost at home.  Your compass should regularly assess your personal leadership at home.  How is your home leadership/stewardship?

Achilles’ Heel:

We all have an area of weakness and we must identify it.  Is it your health?  Do you overeat or smoke?  Is it your desire?  Do you fantasize about other women or covet possessions?  Is it your ego?  Are you argumentative?  Defensive? Arrogant?  As a leader, you must identify your Achilles’ Heel and seek accountability to keep you honest and humble.  What’s your Achilles’ Heel?


As a leader, we must find a pace that is sustainable.  Too often we can neglect healthy patterns for physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Are you exhausted?  Are you emotionally tired or weary?  Do you have a measurable pace?  Can you anticipate when your pace will be more hectic or when you can take a vacation or break?  Do you impulsively vacate and rest?  How is your pace?

If you dedicated 50% of your leadership time to Self Leadership, how much time would be spent in the groups of Call, Relationship and Cost?

It is important to develop a plan to spend 50% of your leadership time on Self Leadership.  That plan should include an evaluation mechanism called your Leadership Compass.  This Compass should regularly evaluate your Call,       Relationships and Cost.  Visualize a dashboard.  Your Leadership Compass is a dashboard with three gauges:  Call, Relationships and Cost.  At any time you can look at your dashboard and get a feel for your level of self leadership.  You should invest in developing these areas and add the investment tools to the plan. What is your Self Leadership Plan?