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Leadership Culture – DNA

Self leadership and resources are intertwined.  In order to create a leadership  culture one must first self lead with regard to resources.  Self leadership must set the standard to “fund the vision.”  Put your money where your heart is.  The key to effective  resource spending is understanding your DNA.

Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, describes what he calls a “hedgehog” concept.  That is “what you can be best at” in conjunction with what drives you economically as well as what are you passionate about.  He describes successful organizations as having discovered one thing that they can be best at and focusing on that particular area with passion.  I call this DNA.

The DNA of an organization is a combination of Purpose, Pay-Off and Passion.

First, identify your Purpose as an organization or ministry.  Why does it exist?  What is it designed to be?  What is it at the core? Second, identify your organization or ministry’s Pay-Off activity.  What product or service could you absolutely not survive without?  What’s your economic engine? Third, identify your Passion.  For some this might be success, excellence, service or money. These three make up your DNA.  You should resource toward your DNA

At Grace Point Church, we have identified our Purpose as “leading common people into uncommon life in Jesus.” Identifying our Pay Off activity is simply an “exchanged life” or “grace lifestyle” which are people who recognize and live out their identity in Christ.  The characteristics that are displayed in a Christ-follower are the 5 Gs:  grace, growth, gifts, give and go.  Our Passion is Jesus, his church and telling others about Him.

In our context we recognize that we must staff toward the vision which requires great leadership.  We resource to leadership.  We also resource toward the strategy areas that lead to mission measures being embodied in our congregation.

Resources are scarce and must be prioritized around what is most crucial to the company or community’s DNA.

The self leadership lesson is that you must lead by example.  It requires you lead change in your own life and thinking in order for the organization to experience health.

What do you feel is the leadership culture of your present organization in the area of time?

In the area of structure?

In the area of resource?

What must you personally grow in order for your organization to grow?