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We stood in our neighbor’s back yard with a bevy of other neighbors and friends for what was dubbed “Fiesta Party”.  We milled around and met a few neighbors we had not had the chance to encounter; as well as, mingled with some we knew.

neighborhood1Some friends, who live directly behind the neighbor hosting the party, were commenting on how different their house looks from here.  The observations of “the trees cover most of the sight lines” and “you really can’t see into our house that well” gave them a different perspective of how they imagined things might look.  We listened to story after story of observations and perspectives about dogs getting out and “we must keep you up with all the noise” and “I hope you don’t mind my husband voicing his concerns”; all thoughts I never had, but my neighbors supplied them onto me.

Standing in the yard we got to see the world from our neighbor’s point of view, and in return we were able to share with our neighbors our point of view.  One of my neighbors, who I was meeting for the first time said, “We should do this more often”; and I thought to myself, “How true, we should listen and try to see from another point of view and we should share and discuss ours with our neighbor”….and your neighbor as yourself.