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Pushing Forward

When I asked my dad how things were going, he said “I’m frustrated.” “Oh yea,” I said. “What’s the problem?” He went on to describe having gone to the Apple store and purchased a new computer and iPad. Now not only is he having to learn a new platform, but he is having WiFi connection issues.

Now these seem like run-of-the-mill problems that most of us incur except for the fact that my dad is 80. He is 80 and still trying to learn new things, still pushing himself to stay current and relevant.

Contrast that with a church I have been consulting with lately where the biggest issue is that some old folks aren’t getting their way related to their Bible study classes. They are threatening revolution if the church goes to two services and a life groups model, which is better for reaching the lost and the discipleship of younger families.

Sometimes in life, we simply choose to stop pushing forward because we like it our way and we get comfortable. Sure, pushing forward is frustrating, but it’s the only way we learn new things and stay current so that we can be relevant to the next generation.