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Self Leadership

Self Leadership

Self leadership is a crucial aspect of leading well.  It is surprising to discover how many leaders spend so little time investing in their own leadership development.  Some leaders who are “naturally” gifted seemingly get away with little or no development, while others plateau almost immediately.  It is important for all leaders to realize that unless they are investing in their own development they are doomed to plateau or worse, crash!

The Principle of Self Leadership is that you should spend about 50% of your leadership time on Self Leadership.  I know what you are thinking: where will I find the time?  The question of whether I continue to bail water or plug the hole is perennial, but in Self Leadership the answer is always plug the hole.  You must decide whether you want to be an effective leader in a progressive and ongoing manner, or whether where you are today is as effective and as far as you are willing to go.

Ever notice when traveling on an airline how the pre-flight safety lecture always involves special instruction that “in the event of an emergency” parents are to first secure their own oxygen mask before tending to any children?  It is not out of lack of care for the precious children aboard any flight, it is a sober acknowledgement that without adults who are alive those children don’t stand a chance.

How much time do you spend on Self Leadership?

 How many books do you read per year dedicated to leadership enrichment?

 What relationships do you have that are dedicated to Self Leadership?

 How much money do you spend on Self Leadership?

 Will you make the commitment to Self Leadership?