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Sermon: Gifts Not Given

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Jan. 12, 2014
“Holy Discontent: Gifts Not Given”

Sermon Devotional
Q. Pastor Jeff shared with us today about how “God Math” doesn’t make sense, recounting the biblical truth that when we give back generously to the work of God with our financial resources God will bless us back even more–sometime in financial ways, but often in a myriad of other amazing ways as well. Ponder this paradoxical truth. Recall and find encouragement in times when you’ve experienced this reality.

Q. In today’s sermon we were reminded that repentant hearts, submitted to God, trust God with their resources, acknowledging that He’s the one that allowed us to have those financial resources in the first place. Do you agree or disagree and to what extent you feel you’re living this out?

Q. We were challenged by Pastor Jeff today to take the next 90 days and practice obedience to the Bible’s command to put the Lord to the test with respect to the myriad blessings that will come from our faithfulness to his commands of financial generosity (Malachi 3:10-11). Do you plan to take up this challenge or not, and why? If you do decide to take up this challenge don’t forget to journal about (a) the fears this brings about from the outset, and (b) how God overcomes and answers those fears as you take steps of obedience during these 90 days.

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