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Sermon: Time & Truth

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Feb. 16, 2014
“Go Viral: Time & Truth”

Sermon Devotional

Q. In Sunday’s message I talked about two key ingredients that are always involved in disciple making: truth and time. What is meant by “truth and time”? How should you expect to see these ingredients play out in your life as you pursue being discipled and/or discipling others?

Q. The call of Scripture on the life of each Christ follower is that they would both ‘be discipled’ and then ‘make disciples’. The first step in entering into the disciple-making movement is figuring out which path you should be on. Which category do you see yourself in: (a) one who needs to be discipled, or (b) one who has been taught and/or caught enough discipling in their journey with Christ such that they are in a position to disciple others.

Q. Once you’ve determined whether you need to be discipled or make disciples, the next step is for each one to determine what they will do with that realization. The D2 Groups Orientation Meetings are happening on 3/3 and 3/9. If attending one of these orientation meetings might be a good next step for you, you can sign up at www.gracepoint.org/D2