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The craggy ledge overhanging a deep creek gorge is the fence line of my yard.  The wildlife that lives in this creek gorge is plentiful and a pleasure to watch from my quiet bench aloft the cliffside.  Deer teem through the self-made meandering trails along with coyotes, wild hogs, skunks, raccoons, armadillos, turkeys, foxes, and bobcats.  As I sat watching the parade one evening, the screech of a Red-tailed Hawk echoed through the rocks.  I glanced heavenward in hopes of catching a glimpse and like a fighter jet he sliced through the pinkish skyline, gliding effortlessly on the wind.  For a few moments I watched as he protested with his cry; yet effortlessly rose above the jumbled, craggy, undergrowth of the creek side below.  In that moment I had the common wonder of wanting to fly.  Like so many land dwellers before me I longed to soar, to rise above it all and be lifted.

In many ways, like a hawk, I choose to either stay in the forested valley among the pedestrian wilderness or I can choose to soar and be lifted by the spiritual thermals of God’s power; but it is a choice unlike those without the power to soar.  I still must choose. I must jump in faith and stretch out my wings in knowing trust and rise like hope above the crags beneath.  I set my mind on the things above and I choose to soar.

One thought on “Soar”

  1. I have said that beleive that my family are like duck. Duck are peaceful birds. They like to take of there family. I believe I am this way. These bird are special because even if they shot down they will not sink. We are a creation that been given the inside of staying a above water by the word of God. I hear people say, when you are knocked down. But if you can not get up, then float . Knowing that God will never let us seek. Even if we are down.

    I always say to my daughter be a duck. Val Torres

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