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The Bigger Story


The prime minister of Israel is in Washington this week and the stakes have never been higher.  Most Americans won’t know that Jews were removed from settlements in the West Bank last week, and the Knesset (Israel’s Senate) approved further settlements of the very same area. In response, the UK condemned the action along with Jordan (the Hashemite Kingdom responsible for all the Holy Sites of Islam) and many others. Rockets were also fired from Egypt into Israel. The tensions in Syria remain catastrophic while Iran snubs US policy and escalates tension in the region.

We are mostly unaware of these events with our steady diet of Beyoncé’s twins, Lady Gaga, and the Grammys. Our range of awareness has been narrowed to narcissistic Facebook feeds, entertainment channels masquerading as news, and political theatre that is suitable for daytime soaps. Jesus said we would not know the day or hour but we would know the season. I think about those who believed in a coming Messiah but who missed Jesus because they were fixated on the distractions and not in tune with His coming.

Is it possible that we are missing the signs of His coming and therefore the urgency of living in such a way that brings peace and life to those in our lives? Is it possible that the glitz and shimmer of possessions, the wow and awe of entertainment, and the ease and comfort of convenience have dulled our awareness and limited our field of vision?

Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of faith. Today, be found believing while it is still called today. Where is Jesus? What is He up to? Where is He leading you? Don’t lose sight! There is a bigger story at play. Can you see it?