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Values Guide Your Behavior

Over the next several weeks we will dive into the importance of values.  Today, using an excerpt from Leadership Forum, we will look at how values guide your behavior.

One of the easiest ways to determine what you value is to look at your actions.  Another way is to identify your pet peeves.  The characteristics or actions of  others that tend to annoy you are the converse of that which you value.  Values often fall somewhere along a continuum of aspirational-actual-exasperational.

Identify some of your values.  What do your actions and behavior reveal?  What do you appreciate and affirm?

What brings you angst?  Can you identify from your pet peeves what you value?  Are they the same?

I would like to ask you to make a list of your top ten values and any corresponding scripture.  Your list will be used in the coming weeks as we continue with the importance of values.