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“What must I do?” was the question the Rich Young Ruler asked. Jesus’ answer, love the Lord and follow his ways, wasn’t enough for the young man so Jesus tells him, you want something to do? Go and sell everything and follow me.

Often times when people clamor for vision, they want something to do. “Pastor, tell me what to do! Let’s build a building, let’s have an event.” Projects are not visions, though they are necessary steps toward the vision. The vision is something that transcends a project. Jesus, in fact, tells us the vision is to become the type of person who loves the Lord with all his heart and loves his neighbor as himself. Then he shows us that the only way that is possible is through redemption. He tells us to be and become rather than do. Once you are in pursuit, your doing is transformed.

When people want to hear some project vision, they are often disappointed when I tell them to become an uncommon pursuer of Christ, or that we exist to lead common people to uncommon life in Christ. Tell me your vision, and if you can attain it in a lifetime, it is likely only a step. Or to quote a famous vision caster, “I have a dream….”