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A Well Kept House

My childhood was clean and well kept; and my mother a “homemaker.”  From my earliest memories the smell of cookies as I arrived home from school or Sunday roast enveloping the house as we clamored in from Church, these hospices always awaited us.  There was order and I always wondered why the living room was so perfect and yet seldom used, but still it was dusted and the lemony scent of pledge adorned each surface.  My mother, never busy or in a rush, her home is an extension of her peaceful, well kept, beauty and warmth. 

As a small child amidst the whine of the vacuum and the polishing and dusting there was the background soundtrack of the local ‘easy listening’ station.  I would often find my mom at rest in the middle of the ‘work’, she might pause to read or be reflecting over a dusted piece or maybe she was attune to the lyric of a Roberta Flack ballad?  It would be, of course, short-sighted to simplify the ease and rhythm of her manner with want of responsibility or breadth of duty.  She led Bible studies, sang in the choir, often worked outside the home, chaired committees, hosted parties and a litany of other duties accumulated by a Pastor’s wife and yet in all of these there remained and remains ease and rush-less grace.

The sacrament of the ordinary leaves one in reflective wonder if only they can fix their ear to the whisper.  There is a bush afire before each of us.  There is a voice in the thunder, salvation in flesh and blood, truth in hewn stone and there is sanctuary in a kept house.  I have yet to meet someone who did not recognize my mother as grace and beauty personified; and yet even then they only see a shadow of a well kept house.

-For do you not know you are God’s dwelling place-

3 thoughts on “A Well Kept House”

  1. brings tears to my eyes of days gone by…it was kinder and gentler back then as Mother shielded us from knowledge of good and evil…Love, ken s.

  2. Reminds me of a time when my mom shared of a time when she was in a women’s Bible study. They would take turns going to each others house. At one point they all gathered at our house because all the other ladies felt more at peace at our house.
    God bless our moms!!!! Thank you Father for showing us Your grace through them!!!!

  3. I really liked how you mentioned that “with the litany of other duties accumulated, your mom remained at ease and with a rush-less grace”. This is something I really aspire to be. There I times I feel so much pressure to get everything done in a timely and perfect manner–and there just isn’t enough time to do so. I’m ashamed to admit that graceful is not what comes to mind when I am hard at work. On the contrary, I get stressed out and cranky. :( I pray the the Lord will teach me to take things as they come–one thing at a time and that He will give me the confidence to handle everything with a “Rush-less grace”. Thanks so much for sharing this! God Bless!

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