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The Wild

A canine domestic is different from a wolf or fox; and while this breeding and adaptation from the wild has taken place over time the primary difference is that a dog strives to make eye contact, garnering its social cues from attentiveness.  In the wild, wolves will avoid direct eye contact as it is a sign of aggression; but a domesticated animal, which has been bred for its social affinity and agreeableness, is so far removed from the wild that in fact it actually longs to know the masters pleasure and attentively does what is unnatural to the wild animal – it makes eye contact to receive clues as to what will please the master.

Sometimes I wonder in my own life how much of the wild is still in me…avoiding eye contact and seeking my own protection and living independently of the master.  Have I grown and matured to where my new nature is seeking to please and know the Father’s will?  How long until the wild is ‘bred’ out of me?