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What are you wrestling with?

What are you wrestling with? Scripture is clear that there is something known as spiritual warfare, and yet how conscious are we of this battle each day?

I recently spent several hours with a friend listening and helping him process through some troubling circumstances. That night I tossed and turned, had weird dreams and combated thoughts that seemed out of left field. We battle against the world, our own flesh/the flesh of others and the Devil.  Isn’t it likely that the proximity of someone else’s battle becomes ours when we engage in it?

If our allies are in a fight and we go to assist, doesn’t their enemy now become our enemy?  Most believers are getting sucker punched day in and day out and can’t seem to figure out where the smack down is coming from.  They assist and engage in spiritual relationships, endeavors, causes and pursuits; and yet when they do, it never crosses their mind they are allies with Jesus in this and immediately that means they are in a war.

We battle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in the heavenlies every time we utter a prayer, listen in concern, offer care to his little ones, worship, serve or encourage in Jesus’ name.  So why are we surprised when we feel attack, pressure, oppression and resistance? Suit up, stay focused, fight the fight.

One thought on “What are you wrestling with?”

  1. I ran for office on 2012 and came to realize that political victories may occur temporarily but the real battle is spiritual. The need to guide folks into a relationship with Jesus is the only way to win lasting personal battles or political ones. Folks in Christ can vote in accordance with His character. Those in the flesh vote in accordance with that character.

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